Simz Ngema talks ‘The Winning Ticket’, embracing love and staying grounded

Simz Ngema talks The Winning Ticket, embracing love and staying grounded. Picture: Supplied

Simz Ngema talks The Winning Ticket, embracing love and staying grounded. Picture: Supplied

Published Apr 14, 2024


Simphiwe Ngema stars as Zanele in the Showmax Original film The Winning Ticket, about a family that wins the lottery but nearly loses themselves.

Ngema, who has also made appearances on popular shows such as The Queen, Rockville, and Muvhango, spoke about her character in the film and its significance.

“Zanele loves her family; she’s hard-working, and she believes in doing things right. Those are things we have in common. For me, family and love are everything. I’ve always understood that money comes and goes, but what’s important is the love that you have.’’

Asked about some aspects of the story that respnate with her the most, she said: “I’ve been truly blessed to have my family around me, keeping me grounded regardless of what’s going on in my life. You know how it is in the industry: suddenly, everyone knows you when you become famous. But my family will always remind me that there's no celebrity at home; I still wash the dishes. I have constant reminders around me of what’s important, thankfully,” she said.

Speaking about crucial themes that viewers can take from the film, Ngema underscores the importance of family and the relationships one builds.

“I hope they remember that love is everything: the family you have and the relationships around you are more important than money. That’s how I was raised by my parents. They always emphasised the importance of family and the relationships you build. Yes, money can solve our problems, but it’s not going to make us happy.”

She further spoke about the future roles she would like to play and explained her interest in playing something different from what she has done before.

“I always portray a good girl. When they think of casting a good girl, they think of Simphiwe Ngema. But I can also play an evil person, you know? I would love to explore something different. As actors, that’s what we aim for — showing versatility and taking on challenging characters. We don’t like being typecast. I definitely want to play something completely different from the roles I’ve done before,’’ Ngema said.

The film is written by Caroline Kganyago (The River, Goodbye Gogo), and The Winning Ticket is produced by Kerry Media Productions with Star Mphahlele (Mkhize to Masemola, AboMkhulu) directing. Mphahlele won the African Rising Star award at the 2023 Joburg Film Festival.

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