Using the K-word has come to hit Adam Catzavelos in the pocket as one of their clients, The Baron Group, has terminated ties with his business St Georges Fine Foods.

The worries are piling up for Adam Catzavelos. A viral video in which he uses the K-word to refer to black people is now hitting him in the pocket.

Now, one of the restaurant groups that his company, St George's Fine Foods, supplies with steak basing sauce has indicated that they're terminating their business dealings with them.

#TheBaron terminates it's business with #AdamCatzavelos' company St George's Fine Foods:

The Baron Group released a statement on Wednesday where they said Catzavelos' action were unacceptable. 

"We found his video completely unacceptable and have with immediate effect terminated our business with St Georges Fine Foods. The Baron Group has had no hand in racism as we have zero tolerance policy on racism," part of the statement read.

In the video that has gone viral and has left Catzavelos trending for all the wrong reasons, he is on a beach, believed to be in Greece, wearing sunglasses and a straw hat, recording himself. He then says: Let me give you the weather forecast here. Blue skies, beautiful day, amazing scene and not one [email protected]%$*in sight...f*&^%$# heaven on earth. You can not beat this."

Catzavelos' family also released a statement denouncing his behaviour and also saying they had fired him from the family business.

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