Ntando Bangani says his music has benefited from technology.
Ntando Bangani says his music has benefited from technology.

#TechFriday: Tech-savvy boosts a musician's craft

By Sthembiso Sithole Time of article published Oct 26, 2018

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Musician Ntando Bangani talks about how technology can be used to build or maintain relationships with someone 4000km away.

What is your prediction about the future on how music is made, using technology?

Technology is influencing the creation of music in a big way. I see a situation where people will not even be required to learn any instruments to make music It's something that is actually happening right now. More and more hits are being made without the use of an actual musician or singer.

What are the problems you think technology helped to resolve in the music industry?

Well, piracy was curbed to a certain extent with the introduction of digital stores like iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, etc. You also find the quality of music becoming a lot stronger, with people making music out of their bedroom studios and not requiring a high-end studio to have quality recordings.

How has technology shaped the way you think?

You are forced to think outside the box with technology, especially with music. A product can be placed in front of you with one particular purpose, but it can serve 20 purposes and revolutionise the way your music sounds. So have an open mind.

Which gadgets do you have?

I operate a lot of Focusrite products, soundcards, microphone, etc. My mixing desk is a Allen and Heath. I record via Apple products Logic and Pro tools, respectively.

Which gadgets are useful?

Focusrite Liquid Saffire. That soundcard is crisp and gives me exactly what I’m looking for in a recording.

How tech-savvy do you think President Ramaphosa is?

I honestly think the president is clued up in technology. I'm sure he has to be a 6 or 7 out of 10. But forgive me, Mr President, if I am wrong 🙏.

How has technology helped you build relationships beyond your neighbourhood, globally?

It's been helpful, big time. It's made life easier, especially for creatives. We can have a conversation from one side of the world and do a collaboration with an artist 4000km away.

How should Facebook handle users' data privacy?

Privacy matters I’m not certain what measures Facebook can implement but it has to be done, as personal data is used to make influential decisions in our lives. And having that information in the hands of someone looking to harm you can effect your reputation.

What about those who use social media to discriminate against others online?

I don’t condone it and people don’t realise how words can hurt other people, so I don’t support it.

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