The ‘Snake Lady’ Gogo Maweni shares her passion

Gogo Maweni. Picture: Supplied.

Gogo Maweni. Picture: Supplied.

Published May 17, 2023


Johannesburg - It is no secret that Gogo Maweni’s uncommon content is what draws many people to her, whether she reveals that she has snakes or the depth of her practice, but she still manages to be a hot topic.

Dubbed “Snake Lady” after sharing several pictures of her on social media comfortably posing with snakes.

The iZangoma Zodumo breakout star has specifically shared her love for snakes and has domesticated them, something that has been seen as quite unusual by many South Africans.

While most snakes are wild, many are domesticated as pets because of their reputation for being mysterious and exotic, and there is no doubt from her pictures that she loves their wildness.

The popular traditional healer has always been open and unapologetic about her practices.

Though sometimes she faces criticism on social media, Gogo “Makgotso Lee-Ann Mokopo” Maweni continues to always share her content.

Last year, she admitted to being an animal lover, revealing to her fans that she did not understand why she should be killing animals.

While many of her followers thought she only had snakes, she revealed more, leaving her fans startled.

“Why would I be killing owls or animals, for that matter? I proudly own two owls, snakes, tortoises and dogs, as well as rabbits. Listening is a skill that you don’t acquire. And that’s not my problem; it’s your problem,” she shared on Twitter.

“Lol, I’m being called the snake lady.”

Gogo Maweni has had South Africans glued to her reality show on Moja Love as she explores more about her spiritual practice and her life as a renowned traditional healer.

In just a few years, she has built her brand and explored other interesting things other than just being a healer on reality shows.

Last year, The Star was invited to her inaugural Ubungoma festival, which saw many people flock to Constitutional Hill to celebrate the festival with her.

Maweni revealed that she initiated the festival to honour Ubungoma and also give people a platform where they can embrace who they truly are.

In the affair, people witnessed art, music and entertainment intertwine with African spirituality.

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