Top matriculant credits family, teachers

Tshepiso Moloi from Forte High School. Picture: Supplied.

Tshepiso Moloi from Forte High School. Picture: Supplied.

Published Jan 19, 2024


Forte High School’s top performing matriculant Tshepiso Moloi, says the highlight of his 2023 academic year was being recognised for his performance at school.

“My academic year was not really that hectic, it had fluctuations and the experience was thrilling, but that only happened because I put my faith in the Lord of Mount Zion. Being able to learn new things was good but for me it was tiring honestly. I feel like I used more energy than expected in my academic year.

⁠”I was shocked but at the same time I wasn’t. I think what drove me was the promise I made to my mom at the end of the second term. She wanted me to be in the top five in the prelims, so I promised her. But I really just studied to be in the top five but position five or four. I really never expected to be positioned at first place. That came as a shocker.”

He added that despite not having any specific academic plan, he had a tunnel vision about what he wanted to achieve.

“All outside things were mere distractions. I had no academic plan whatsoever. But I knew what I wanted and when I wanted to achieve it.

“I had a lot of challenges. I had to fight my own thoughts every night when I was supposed to be studying. Stress that led me to not eat nor sleep. But I listened to a specific song “Resonance” by Home. That song is pure genius. It’s more techno beats. I’d recommend it. And a lot of noise from school mates. I hate noise so it became a challenge.

“I overcame those challenges through the support of my mother, my brothers at school, and most importantly, my teachers. Those people are really the ace in the hole, to be honest. They made challenges to be opportunities.

“The support from my family has been great. They ensured that I didn’t think of the results or even stress about them. They’ve been very supportive. My little brother even goes the extra mile to ensure I’m occupied.”

Tshepiso said his vision was to help people from destitute backgrounds.

“My vision is to help the poor in any way I can. I want to obtain knowledge and money to be able to help those that cannot afford to help themselves. That is my vision. All other materialistic things are mere toys for the weak to comfort themselves while doing nothing but judging others.”

He also cited his school principal and some of his teachers as those who played an integral part in his academic success.

“The principal Mr MLM is the most straightforward person you’ll ever meet. He never cuts corners. When you do wrong things regarding your academics and personal things, he’ll tell you. He doesn’t sugarcoat it. Even in maths class. When he sees you have potential and you wasting it, he’ll be straightforward and tell you the truth.”

Tshepiso has applied to Witwatersrand University to study BCom Accounting Sciences.

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