Unathi Nkayi ready for war as Kaya 959 axing battle goes to court



Published Jun 1, 2023


Johannesburg - Unathi Nkayi has broken her silence about her ongoing spat with her former employer, Kaya 959, revealing that she is prepared to fight as they head to the High Court.

After nearly two years of working with the broadcaster, the media personality's contract was terminated last year amid allegations that her conduct was “intolerable”.

This came after an intense verbal exchange with media personality Sizwe Dhlomo, which resulted in her being booted immediately.

In a video shared on Instagram, Nkayi claims she knew she would be sent packing, but claims her dismissal was unjust.

She also revealed that she has a strong support system and is psychologically prepared for the fight.

"I am shooting this video for my mother; she has instructed me and given me the blessing to tell my side of the story. And I promised her that I will one day, but I have asked her to allow me to do it officially at the end of my case against Kaya at the High Court.

“So because my mother has made this request and said, 'Mntanami, no one should have the right to tell your story without you', I have given her that promise. Through our production company, we've started shooting the documentary that I am producing as well, through my production company," said Nkayi.

"And I promise that I'll tell you everything at the end of the case, and I'll share all documents, and you'll finally get both sides of the story.

“But before I tackle the case, I wanted to start by thanking you all and saying thank you so much to every single one of you who randomly pulls me aside or just makes an announcement that I have the courage to take on a corporate.

“Thank you to the ladies in the sauna, people who stop me at the gym, on the treadmill, people who stop me at the airport, or groove after I just come out of stage from performing for them and say 'Unathi, we hope you are going to see it through when it comes to Kaya’. And I promise you that I will."

In November of last year, the broadcaster announced her dismissal.

"Kaya 959 can confirm that the contract of presenter Ms Unathi Nkayi has been terminated, effective immediately. Ms. Nkayi’s contract had ended prematurely due to certain conduct that rendered the relationship intolerable going forward.

“Kaya 959 can confirm that certain incidents have occurred, which have resulted in the breakdown of the trust relationship between two parties."

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