Some people are not happy that BackaBuddy is administering Cape Town garage attendant Nkosipho Mbele's funds.
Cape Town - BackaBuddy says it is administering funds for a Cape Town garage attendant as he is worried about his safety.

The fundraising organisation has also said it is not charging Nkosikho Mbele, pictured, commission to administer the funds raised on its platform.

Mbele has received donations of about R450 000 after he paid R100 of his own money to pay petrol for motorist Monet van Deventer after she forgot her bank card at home last week.

Van Deventer set up a crowdfunding account on BackaBuddy to raise money for Mbele, 28, as a token of appreciation.

On Monday BackaBuddy received criticism online after the terms and conditions suggested that Mbele would not receive all his funds, with some being paid to his two children's schools.

Following the criticism, BackaBuddy chief executive Patrick Schofield said they were administering the funds on Mbele's behalf to protect him.

“When someone is used to earning a certain amount each month and suddenly receives a huge donation, it can put them at significant risk, both in terms of potential criminals and from others.

“To reaffirm, if Nkosikho would like his funds to be paid directly into his account, then they will be transferred in full. He has full control over how his funds are spent.”

“We provide the post-campaign funds administration service for two primary reasons; to protect beneficiaries as above and not in Nkosikho’s case, but in many other cases, to provide an added level of trust between donors and beneficiaries,” Schofield said.

On social media, @akeldnok, a delivery service, said: “We as, who contributed to this campaign, do not condone the path you have chosen. Our contribution was for the funds to reach Nkosi Mbele with no other parties acting as conduits to the money. We are disappointed.”

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