Vusi Nova says he will carry Zahara’s spirit as he continues to honour her memory

Vusi Nova. Picture: Instagram/@vusinova1

Vusi Nova. Picture: Instagram/@vusinova1

Published Jan 7, 2024


It has been weeks since the death of the multIaward-wining musician Zahara, and it seems those who were close to her are still trying to find ways to accept the loss.

Renowned musician Vusumzi ‘Vusi Nova’ Nongxa is among those trying to pick up the pieces after sharing many fond memories together.

Nongxa, who was a close friend to Zahara, has been posting some of their memorable videos on social media, saying it will take him a while to get over her loss.

He also stated in one of his posts that he would carry Zahara’s soul with him wherever he went.

“What haven’t we shared, MaZet? 2024 is going to be the first without you. I will carry your spirit everywhere with me,“ said Nongxa.

Many of her friends also remembered her for her affection, as she was considered to be a loving individual.

Zahara, who was a well-known songbird, left South Africans reeling in after her death.

Many continue to say that the music industry was robbed of a great talent, with Zahara known to have touched many lives with her music.

Her life story continues to be recognised as an inspiration, as she overcame adversity and used her singing talent to become well-known worldwide.

Zahara’s death came shortly after her family revealed that she was hospitalised for a week after complaining about body pains.

At her memorial service, Judith Sephuma, Ringo Madlingozi, and Brenda Mtambo, among others, paid their heartfelt tributes to the musician.

The multiaward-winning music star was buried on December 23 in East London, Eastern Cape.

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