King Monada.

A video of three Chinese men singing the RnB version of King Monada's popular song Malwedhe has surfaced on social media.

In the new video, the three men are seated in what looks like a music room. The man in the centre has a guitar on his lap and another musical instrument in his hands which he is playing while also singing the popular song. The man on his right is playing the guitar while the one on his left is playing the bongo drum. Unlike the original, this version of the song has a slow tempo.

The song, which has popularised the Idibala dance, was released only in October but its popularity has astonished many people. In the song, the 26-year-old Limpopo star sings about developing fainting spells when his lover cheats on him, doesn't give him money and even breaks up with him.

@Sentlets had posted the video with the caption: "Chinese folks don’t waste time". Many of his followers could not believe what they were seeing. Some admitted that it was good while others simply laughed, puzzled.

Recently, Nana Paul, a popular “karaoke queen” from Tanzania, even released her own Swahili version of the song and posted it on YouTube.

However, she later released a video apologising to King Monada, the people of Limpopo and all South Africans after concerns were raised about copyright issues.

In the video, Paul also said Malwedhe had been her last cover and she would in future be releasing her own music.

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