Zuma to unveil groundbreaking manifesto in a bid to ‘fix’ South Africa

MKP leader and former president Jacob Zuma.

MKP leader and former president Jacob Zuma.

Published May 18, 2024


IT IS all systems go for the highly anticipated uMkhonto weSizwe Party’s (MKP’s) election manifesto rally taking place in Orlando Stadium, Soweto, on Saturday.

Scores of MKP members and supporters dressed in green, black and gold regalia are expected to descend from across different provinces, and organisers are confident the affair will be a success.

The rally will be addressed by MKP leader and former president Jacob Zuma, who seeks a mandate as the country approaches elections on May 29.

Zuma will articulate the eight core pillars of the manifesto, focusing on reclaiming and revitalising the economy, addressing the unemployment crisis, enhancing social justice, the nationalisation of both the Reserve Bank and the mines, as well as ensuring the equitable distribution of land.

MKP spokesperson Nhlamulo Ndhlela said: “Our policies are designed not just to govern but to empower, not merely to lead but to listen, and therefore transforming rhetoric into tangible improvement and upliftment of the lives of all South Africans.”

Ndhlela said the party called upon every South African, young and old, from every corner of the nation, to join them as they embarked on a new chapter that would address all the societal and service delivery problems brought about by the ANC of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s government, from unemployment to poverty, inequality, landlessness, rampant crime, corruption and hopelessness.

“Come and witness a historic presentation where Zuma will set forth a clear, actionable path for the MK Party’s vision of governance. Let us rally together to celebrate the promise of a brighter future and the relentless spirit of our nation,” said Ndhlela.

The MK was the armed wing of the ANC until it was disbanded in 1993, but the name was resurrected by the MKP.

The ANC has objected to Zuma using the name and the matter is subject to numerous legal challenges in the courts.

The party has released its 24 page manifesto on its website, which sheds light on how the party seeks to reclaim the land, mineral resources, and having an African-centred justice system, economy and spaces.

It is alleged that People's Revolutionary Movement (PRM) president Nhlanhla Buthelezi has taken a decision to vote for the MKP in the upcoming elections.