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In a few weeks, the first home of Nkosi’s Haven will be no more. Facing tough financial times, the famous Aids NGO has decided to sell its house in Berea and move the occupants to Nkosi’s Village south of Joburg.

“We are not the Titanic,” said founder Gail Johnson (pictured left). “We are consolidating… it makes sense to consolidate and save money.”

She said running the Berea house was costing between R150 000 and R180 000 a month to run. All staff and occupants at the Berea house would be accommodated in Nkosi’s Village. “No one is losing their home and this way no one will lose their jobs,” she said.

And as the organisation shifts and changes, Johnson says it will focus on different things.

Nkosi’s Haven also owns a farm, which produces food which is eaten at the homes.

The new plan involves a bigger scheme for the farm, which will be used to grow vegetables on a larger scale, and to train young people who have dropped out of school, in agriculture.

Mothers from the homes will also have the opportunity to live or receive training there.