THE ANC Youth League has failed young South Africans. It hardly paid attention to matters that affected young people, but instead talked about nationalisation of mines and land questions. Is that really what preoccupies young people?

June is Youth Month. What has the youth league done? Nothing.

How many job initiatives for the youth has it inspired? None.

How many millions of rand has it spent on bursaries for needy students? Zero.

What has Malema done to promote unity among young people of all races? Nothing.

But R100 million was wasted on kissing and beer parties.

Instead of being encouraged to read, get proper education and make themselves ready for a challenging future ahead, young people are taught how to insult, how to become the best alcoholics and how to become the worst villains in society. For the past five years young South africans have been leaderless. What a shame. It is scandalous that Malema talks only about money, cars and parties when SA falls behind with skills to run our economy. The National Youth Development Agency has become too partisan, a patronage tool for Malema and his friends.

Deon Lambert

Nottingham, Pietermaritzburg