The world lost an incredible talent when Whitney Houston died in February. Recording artist, actress, producer, model and 170 million albums sold, Whitney Houston had fame, fortune and on top of it all, a stunning beauty.

Sadly these attributes don’t come alone. They bring with them loneliness, scepticism, insincerity, suspicion and boredom.

What do you do when you have so much? Who can you trust? Are the people surrounding you sincere in their friendship or do they have a hidden motive?

In an ordinary person’s life these are difficult issues to deal with so one can imagine the complexities that arise when someone has the fame and fortune that Houston had.

The temptation to use crutches such as drugs, insincerity and artificial happiness must be enormous and I cannot help but feel that these issues were just too big for her.

What is also so difficult, I would imagine, is finding the courage to seek help from the very people you believe may betray you. Behind all the glamour, wealth and beauty I see a very lonely person struggling to cope with things that would break even the stoutest character.

Whitney Houston’s life can perhaps be summed up in what is my favourite song of hers, Didn’t We Almost Have It All.