Picture: Armand Hough/African News Agency (ANA)

I went to a birthday party in Parkwood, Johannesburg on Saturday night and when we arrived - in an Uber - we found the street in front of the house to be completely empty; not a car in sight. Inside, there were already 40 people having a hugely wild time. Everyone came and went in an Uber taxi.
Driving home, we spotted a dozen Uber cabs taking people to and fro.

As a very concerned commuter, who finds the driving and behaviour of minibus taxis in this country to be abhorrent, I only wish that Uber would in some way take over this renegade industry and introduce the Uber mentality, one of owner-drivers; who are sedate, mature and obedient to the laws of the road.

Dr Peter C Baker

Parktown North, Joburg

The Star