Discover the essence of luxury and adventure with New Premium Amarula African Gin

Premium Amarula African Gin. Picture: Supplied

Premium Amarula African Gin. Picture: Supplied

Published Mar 27, 2024


In the heart of the African savannah, where mystique and luxury collide, emerges a spirit that transcends boundaries – introducing the globally awarded Amarula Premium African Gin. Crafted by the visionary creators of Amarula, this gin is not merely a libation; it is an experience designed for the affluent and adventurous souls who crave the extraordinary.

“Amarula Premium African Gin is the only gin made in South Africa from marula fruit base spirit distillate. An opulent symphony of flavours, meticulously distilled with marula fruit-based spirit, juniper berries, orange blossom, and the exotic touch of African grains of paradise. Each bottle undergoes a handcrafted process with copious detail and dedication, enhancing the quality and uniqueness. A complex yet delicate elixir, this gin invites you to traverse the untamed landscapes of Africa with every sip – a journey of senses,” Banele Msimanga, Senior Brand Marketing Manager for Amarula.

This new gin has a fruity-floral nose entwined with a spicy backbone, leading to a beautifully sweet palate adorned with dried flowers, a nut mix, and subtle spices. The journey concludes with a lingering, irresistibly sweet finish, leaving an indelible mark on your palate.

For those who savour life's extraordinary moments, Amarula Premium African Gin offers a perfect serve – an enchanting Gin & Tonic. Pour 50ml of this divine elixir over ice, add 150ml of your preferred tonic, and garnish with a slice of grapefruit. It's not just a drink; it's an invitation to experience the spirit of Africa in a refreshingly light and sophisticated way — the perfect serve for every occasion.

Msimanga added: “As the gin market teems with options, Amarula Premium African Gin stands out as an epitome of distinction and desire. It caters to the discerning taste of gin connoisseurs and cocktail enthusiasts who seek more than just a drink – a journey, an adventure, and a taste of the extraordinary.”

In every bottle, Amarula Premium African Gin captures the essence of Africa's vast landscapes, untamed beauty, and the spirit of adventure. It's not just a drink; it's a passport to the unknown, an exploration of the senses, and a celebration of the exceptional.

“As we unveil the Amarula Premium African Gin, we invite you to join us on a taste, luxury, and mystique voyage. Elevate your senses, tantalise your taste buds, and immerse yourself in the Spirit of Africa,” concluded Msimanga.

Amarula Premium African Gin is now available at select retailers and premium establishments near you. Be among the first to let the spirit flow and enjoy over tonic and ice with a grapefruit slice and a dash of company.

Discover a New Spirit of Africa – Amarula Premium African Gin.

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