‘If the youth is strong, the country will be strong; if the youth is wise, the country will be wise; if the youth make progress, the country will make progress’

PMG Mining hosted a joint event to celebrate Youth Day as well as Mandela Day at Blinkklip High School. Photo: Supplied

PMG Mining hosted a joint event to celebrate Youth Day as well as Mandela Day at Blinkklip High School. Photo: Supplied

Published Jul 7, 2023


By People’s Daily online

On Friday, June 23, 2023, PMG Mining (Pty) Ltd hosted a joint event to celebrate Youth Day as well as Nelson Mandela Day. The event was held for the members of the Maremane Community Property Administration and Postdene communities at Blinkklip High School. As was mentioned by the event’s MC, Evelyn Maruping, in South Africa mining companies are sometimes unwelcomed. To help combat this, like in years prior, the CEO Lin van der Westhuizen, introduced the event to strengthen the relationship between PMG Mining and the community.

PMG Mining invited many esteemed guests. These included Lieutenant General Michael Mohlala, Divisional Commissioner of Visible Policing and Operations; the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy’s Magdeline Mokwena; and the Circuit Manager for the school district, Siyako; along with PMG Mining senior management team and shareholders.

Knowledge is power

Lieutenant General Michael Mohlala came to speak about the dangers of drug abuse in the community, especially among the youth. He urged everyone to be proactive in ensuring that there is no tolerance for drugs in the community. Magdeline Mokwena spoke about the importance of the youth and especially young women working hard towards their studies. When speaking to young women, she spoke of the high unemployment and pregnancy rates and how they affect the community.

PMG mining’s own CEO gave an empowering speech. In her speech addressing both the youth and elderly in the community she said: “working hard does not mean you will succeed, it is persistence that will guarantee success.” She further encouraged event goers to work alongside the mine to improve the economy in the communities.

PMG Mining also invited two matric alumni from the class of 2022, Kayli Van der Westhuizen and Singo Ravele, who gave personal testimonials about the importance of studying hard and consistently. Van der Westhuizen reminded the students to stay ambitious and shoot for the stars. Ravele further went on to say, “Even if the door you want to go through is closed, there’s always another way to achieve your dreams.”

Students of Blinkklip High School. Photo: Supplied

Empowering the community

PMG Mining closed off the event by awarding educational sponsorships to learners from both Blinkklip High and Ratang Thuto High Schools. It also made a donation towards the CPF to assist them with the continuous good work being done within the community. John-Ross van Nel, the mine manager, reported that overall expenditure of around R9.4 million over the past five years ensured that PMG Mining kept its promise to the youth to help build, uplift, shape and empower the society. Further, Van Nel reported that PMG Mining has spent over R5 million to build and maintain roads and streets in Postdene and Boichoko. In addition, in conjunction with its sister-mine – Paling - PMG hopes to cater for up to 230 youth, women, skilled, educated and qualified South Africans within the local municipality to help build towards securing the future for many generations to come.

Lastly, PMG Mining donated blankets to the elderly members of the Maremane community to help them during the winter season. In addition, the CEO of PMG Mining promised the members of Maremane that if they think of initiatives to create wealth within their community, they will have the full support of PMG Mining.