SISTERS DOING IT FOR OTHERS: Quadruplets from Westbury, Shakira, Sharika, Akira and Shonika Jones turned 16 yesterday.
Westbury's quadruplets turned 16 yesterday, with some suggesting the sisters may be the oldest living South African quads.

The Jones girls are almost inseparable and have used their “fame” to be role-models of the infamous Joburg suburb ravaged by drugs and gang-related criminal activity.

Bridgette Jaftha, founder of the NGO Partners in Destiny, said teenage pregnancy was rife in Westbury and the four girls were a refreshing positive influence on their peers.

Jaftha said the Grade 10 sisters Shakira, Sharika, Akira and Shonika Jones go to Parktown High School for Girls.

In their community, the Westbury quadruplets are part of a programme that grooms girls to focus on school and other community-enhancing projects.

She said other 16-year-olds in the area would rather be seen at clubs or parties or hanging out with the “cool” boys.

“I believe there is a destiny for every child. A lot of people say there is no hope for Westbury, but we need to stand together and transform the community.

“If we can change one person’s life, they can change the next person’s. These four girls are such well-behaved children and I commend their mother on the exceptional job she has done raising them to be such fine young ladies,” she said.

From April to August this year, SACE received 21 complaints related to sexual misconduct by teachers.

She said having four children at once was both a blessing and a challenge and that even though it was “financially strenuous”, she chose to remain positive and was grateful they did not give her problems.

“I just have to trust that God will provide and make a way as He always has,” said Jones.

She said two of the girls want to study medicine, the third dreams of being an advocate and the fourth wants to be a chartered accountant.

“I don’t think having quadruplets is something one can ever get used to. I still don’t believe it sometimes,” she added.

Jones said they would be taking the girls out this weekend to celebrate their 16th birthday.

Added Jaftha: “Partners in Destiny are volunteers brought together to inspire, uplift and empower poor and destitute communities.

“Our first identified project is the much-neglected community of Westbury. Our greatest assets are the people in these communities.

“Our goal is to transform and change their circumstances, by providing them with the necessary tools to improve their lifestyle and environment.”