Gina Bergman writes: The picture shows that a very large manhole (round) cover has been removed. This is going from north to south, half-way up Sylvia Pass, Mountainview.

There is another large manhole cover missing on the verge right next to the hole in the road further up. Both of these are very dangerous and need urgent attention before a vehicle accident or pedestrian injury.

Bergman writes again: After all this time and many tyres damaged, they finally fixed the cover to be flat on the surface of the road. As usual, many thanks for your intervention. You definitely have the magic wand. I am sure most drivers who use this road are also grateful.

Marleen Broli writes: I have reported some bad damage and potholes in Lyndore Road in the Kyalami area to the hotline of the JRA. The road was hit by lightning in January causing damage to the road from one pavement to the next, so it is hard to avoid.

Now with the recent rains, the damaged road is deteriorating with some massive potholes. There is no other way to go for traffic from south entrance Kyalami Estate to Allendale Road, everybody has to use it, so it’s very important that it gets fixed asap.

Broli writes again: We waited a long, long time for the problem to be resolved, but finally they came to fix and tar that part about four to six weeks ago!

Thank you so much for your help with this.