GETTING TO THE ROOT: In the last accident at St Davids Marist Inanda, a car smashed through the Rivonia Road wall and knocked a tree over into the sports field area. Picture: Sharon Seretlo

ST DAVID’s Marist Inanda pupils are being subjected to dangerous road conditions, both in front of the school in Rivonia Road, and at the back.

Willy Castle, senior deputy headmaster, said he has been battling since 2008 to get the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) to put up guard rails along Rivonia Road on the side of the school.

“We have had two incidents in which cars have crashed into our wall, almost landing on the cricket fields where the boys were playing,” he said. The cars “hurtle” down Rivonia, often ignoring the traffic lights, he said.

Castle has also appealed for better co-ordination of the Rivonia Road traffic lights.

“There is construction going on along the road and sometimes the lights are switched off. Parents experience a nightmare getting in and out of the (premises).”

Another problem, he said, is in 1st Avenue, the Inanda entrance to the school, where again the JRA has not responded to requests.

“Parents drop off their boys at this back entrance to avoid Rivonia Road, and we encourage it, but… neighbouring residents have landscaped their pavements right up to the road edge, so parents can’t stop on the pavement.”


school has asked permission to take over the pavement on the school side of 1st Avenue, but has received no reply from JRA.

The JRA said the timing plans loaded for various traffic lights were “determined to optimally deal with the traffic conditions during normal weekday peak and off-peak periods”.

But spokesman Sam Modiba said: “Our traffic engineering department will monitor the traffic flow at this… intersection… and if necessary, changes to the signal timings will be recommended.”

He said issues such as obstructions on the road reserve and sidewalk were controlled by means of by-laws and needed law enforcement. The metro police had been told and would investigate.

A site meeting between the school and the JRA’s maintenance team would be arranged to address issues and the school’s proposal, he said.