A two-year-old Northern Cape girl drowned this weekend after she was allegedly pushed into a dam by her 12-year-old cousin . . . and family members have blamed Satanism.

Johannesburg - She was 14, walking home from a Randfontein school, when girls she thought were her friends told her they were Satanists and stabbed her in the chest.

She survived long enough to tell her mother who they were.

The next day, one of the gang members confessed to the astounded family while they were gathered to mourn their loss.

Keamogetswe Sefularo was in Grade 10 at Lukhanyo Secondary School in Mohlakeng, Randfontein, on the West Rand.

On Friday afternoon, she was walking home, less than a kilometre from the school, when some girls she knew from school and the neighbourhood called her over. “We are Satanists and we are about to kill you,” they told her.

“She thought they were joking,” said her brother Zali Nxabi, 27.

“She was just standing there in amazement and the next thing she knew, the knife just went into her, into her lungs on the side of the heart.”

They left her for dead, but a passer-by found her.

She was taken to hospital and, in the minutes before she died, told her mother what had happened.

“She gave details of who the girls were, what their names were, where they stayed and what actually happened,” said Nxabi.

He said the SAPS did not seem to have done anything, but a local traffic officer tracked down a suspect at her home the same day and arrested her.

On Saturday, while the family were gathered at home mourning Keamogetswe, a girl arrived and confessed.

“She came to my mother’s house and stood there in front of everybody and said ‘I was there when Keamo was killed’,” said Nxabi.

“She basically just painted a full story of the premeditation, the planning, and how they stabbed her and where they stabbed her and what was being said while she was being stabbed”.

Nxabi said the group’s leader was believed to have been at the scene, watching from the roadside.

“They are part of a Satanic clan. They call themselves devil worshippers or something like that. Part of their initiation from their leader is that they must kill someone, drink their blood and probably, if they can, get a body part and bring it to him.”

Only one girl has been arrested; she is believed to be the girl who stabbed Keamogetswe.

“The one who confessed to the murder is still roaming the streets,” said Nxabi.

Gauteng education spokesman Charles Phahlane said department officials had visited the school on Monday to see what support the family’s victim and the school needed.

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