I refer to the extraordinary story of slavery in Limpopo, carried in Monday’s paper.

Your reporter writes that 47 Ethiopians have been rescued from being sold into slavery in Limpopo. They had been destined to become slaves in different parts of the province. According to activist Desmond D’Sa, “they work and work and don’t get paid”. Modern slavery in SA is common.

Who are the counter-parties in the slavery business? Presumably the slaves are bought by Limpopo farmers, who put them to work in their fields. What is the going rate for slaves? How are they prevented from escaping? Why are there no reports of farmers being prosecuted for using slave labour?

If your report is factual, this matter requires the immediate attention of the departments of agriculture and labour and the Limpopo provincial authorities, and should not be left entirely to the Limpopo police.

On the other hand, if the story, or parts if it, are fabricated, The Star should print a retraction, or at least undertake an in-depth investigation.

Peter Janisch

Bryanston, Sandton