Tamerin Jardine stands in line to win Miss Earth 2012. Picture: Kevin Mark Pass


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Another day, another medal.

Two weeks into the Miss Earth 2012 contest, South African beauty Tamerin Jardine is racking up the points as she chases down the crown.

This week, Jardine, 25, bagged another medal at the judging in the Philippines, this time a bronze in the swimsuit category. It brings her total tally to six.

For now.

Jardine has so far claimed three golds, a silver and two bronzes in various categories.

It makes her one of the top contenders for the title, the winner of which will be announced on November 24.

Yesterday local pageant director Catherine Constantinides and educational officer Ella Bella were preparing to make the 16-hour flight to the Philippines to support Jardine in the final week of the competition.

“Tamerin’s just one of those all-round, complete-package girls,” said Bella.

“She’s beautiful, but she also finished her law degree and is planning on specialising in environmental law... When she wins – not if, but when – we want to be there with her.”

Jardine will spend next week conducting an environmental education programme in Philippine schools before an intense series of interviews with the panel of judges on the environmental challenges we face back home.

And come next Saturday: the crown.