Poloko Tau

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THE TAXI owner shot dead by two unknown men in Soweto early yesterday morning had lived in fear for his life for months.

Sipho Wilson Sangweni’s son, Sibonelo, said his father had just driven off when he heard gunshots and saw two men flee into Meadowlands Hostel at about 11am.

He said Sipho, whose taxis operated between Joburg and Pretoria under the Joburg Pretoria Mabopane Taxi Association, had been parking his car elsewhere and not close to his room at the hostel so that those out to get him might not know when he was home.

“As usual, I went and picked up the car and brought it to him… I looked around for any suspicious people before he came out and drove off,” said Sibonelo.

“He had barely left the hostel complex when I heard shots and ran to his car, only to find him dead. My father had always told us some people were out to kill him and although he was always cautious, he knew that his day was coming.”

Sangweni’s bloodied corpse remained in his bakkie under a space blanket while police combed the scene for clues.

Police spokesman Constable Sibusiso Chauke said a case of murder had been opened and police were looking for two unknown gunmen.

He could not say whether the CCTV camera, above the area where the shooting had taken place, had captured the shooting.

Police conducted a raid of the Meadowlands Hostel with a helicopter hovering above.