HEALING THROUGH SONG: The Andra� Crouch Singers open the memorial service for Michael Jackson in Los Angeles, in 2009. As a gospel musician, you are supposed to sanctify yourself so the world can see Christ through you, sayings the writer. Picture: Reuters

We live in an era where we need to be true to what we do, how we do it and why we do it. Having attended some gospel-music functions and making the rounds in gospel-music circles, I observed that many gospel musicians are not true Christians although they sing to promote the work of Jesus Christ.

I found out that a section of gospel musicians, who are supposed to be role models for many, have allowed themselves to lose focus on delivering what they have been called to do.

How some of the gospel musicians conduct themselves and the lifestyle they adopt, clearly indicates that they are into gospel music for monetary gains.

Indeed we have gospel musicians who are being used by God but only a handful are committed Christians.

Omega Khunou, a gospel artist, states that the only thing that can sustain a gospel artist is to “stay in the presence of God by prayer and being faithful in studying God’s Word.’’

Gospel musicians are to associate themselves with God only if they want to be successful in their musical career.

Gospel musicians in SA are to live up to expectation since most songs nowadays have no spiritual impact on people.

Our country needs songs of hope, healing and reconciliation through Jesus Christ.

What are the important issues facing gospel musicians?

People who deal in sounds and images need to know how to relate to people who deal in words and concepts.

They need to know how to get along with all people they relate to.

Pastor Oupa Motswagae says gospel musicians are to honour their talent that God has given them, they are to honour the people they work with, and they must respect their audience or people who are listening to their music.

He says if gospel musicians can stay connected to God and spend more time on their knees in prayer, they will be successful in all they do or say.

True messengers for Jesus Christ are empowered to cause demons to flee from our lives, whether these demons be sin, an enemy or sickness.

Gospel music artists are supposed to drive out evil spirits as they minister in song. However, if the music is not strong enough, then what purpose do you have in singing or playing it?

It is time to love God and His word and let gospel music take its position in worship in the church, because if God does not get the glory, there is no need for any more gospel music.

Let God be the centre of attention and not the various trends and cultures of gospel music.

If we don’t do this, souls will continue to be lost within communities and many people will not discover the real meaning of living for God.

Gospel musicians are suppose to represent God’s kingdom at a higher standard. As a gospel musician, you are supposed to sanctify yourself so the world can see Christ through you.

Pastor Israel Mosehla, who is a gospel musician highly used by God, says, “the fear of God, humility and integrity are the key principles for all gospel musicians.”

Their success and growth requires that there be a need to remain in Him.

A life of prayer will keep the connection and the abiding in Him. Our obedience comes from the worship, Bible study and prayer that lays the pipes for His nourishment to flow.

You cannot, as a gospel artist or musician, sing about God and fail to live the life of God. You cannot separate Gospel music from the singer. You are what you sing.