The Social cohesion summit held in Kliptown, Joburg, this week was driven by the government to find ways of uniting South Africans to harmonise racial, tribal and cultural divisions.

This is a pipe dream and another waste of time and money by the government.

Social cohesion cannot be built against a backdrop of unemployment, poverty and inequality.

There can never be social cohesion when other races think they are genetically superior to others and must therefore be worshipped by the rest of us.

The problem with SA is deeply entrenched tribalism and racism that is three centuries old.

You cannot teach hungry people about racial harmony; all they need is jobs and basic services.

The government should be spending more time on service delivery and calling summits on the lack of service delivery and how these should be addressed. The government should be holding summits on how to curb corruption and the rape of our women and children.

We need summits that will address the state of our education and health systems, which are derelict.

We can have social cohesion only once the government delivers to its people and ensures that the masses, which are left out, also benefit from the economy.

It is only then that we can talk about social cohesion.

The problem with the ANC and the ANC-led government is that it always tells us black people to reconcile with whites while white people show little or no interest at all. Social cohesion can happen only if whites humble themselves and get off their high horse of superiority over black people.

Zolisa Soji

South Hills, Joburg