Donald Trump’s lawyer says prosecuting him will open Pandora’s Box, leading to trying other presidents

Published Jan 9, 2024


WASHINGTON - John Sauer, attorney representing former President Donald Trump, said on Tuesday that prosecuting Trump for allegedly trying to overturn the 2020 presidential election would open the Pandora’s box and lead to cases against other former US presidents from which the United States may never recover.

“To authorise the prosecution of a president for his official acts would open up Pandora’s box from which this nation may never recover,” Sauer said during a hearing of the case at the US Court of Appeals.

The hearing is currently ongoing with Florence Pan, a Biden appointee, presiding. Attorney James Pearce is arguing the case on behalf of the Office of the Special Counsel.

“Could George W. Bush be prosecuted for obstruction of an official proceeding for allegedly giving false information to Congress, to induce the nation to go to war in Iraq under false pretenses?” Sauer said. “Could President [Barack] Obama be potentially charged for murder for allegedly authorising drone strikes targeting US citizens located abroad?”

Trump arrived to the court on Tuesday morning ahead of the hearing about his claims to presidential immunity in the federal election interference case against him.

A panel of three judges is expected to hear arguments regarding Trump’s claim that he is immune from prosecution regarding the charges related to his alleged effort to overturn to the 2020 US presidential election.

Trump is facing four federal charges in the case: conspiracy to defraud the United States; conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding; obstruction of an official proceeding; and conspiracy to disenfranchise voters. He pleaded not guilty to all four charges.