Live your travel dreams in 2018 by following these simple tips. Picture: Pexels.

Make this year your year of travel. With our fast paced lives, planning a holiday can be a tough one. However, with the right amount of planning, that once in a lifetime trip is just a trip away. Here are some resolutions travellers should keep this year:

Start saving now

If you want to laze around in some exotic location or play in the snow in December, it is important to start saving now. Many travel companies allows you to book your holiday in advance for a small fee. The balance can be paid two months before you leave for your trip.

Jot down a bucket list and stick to it

Write down the places you want to see this year. It can be a national park, game reserve, national monument, city or country. Once the list is made, plan possible dates to visit.

Take your leave days to travel

Try to make your leave exciting by planning a holiday. It can be a few days or a weekend trip. With travel becoming more accessible, people are able to get value for their money, whether they want to go on an international or local trip.  

Try something new

This year try to do something new and different with your travels. Many people travel in their comfort zone and shy away from new experiences. Switch up your travels this year to see a whole new world.