The West African country is filled with history and culture. Picture:

Senegal is a country in West Africa filled some of the most beautiful sites in Africa. Here are five facts that you should know if you deciding to visit:

1: Senegal is translated from Wolof ‘sun gal’ It means ‘our boat’.

2: Senegal and France have a lot in common. Its flag of Senegal has adopted the French Tricolore style. They both look the same, although their colours are different.

3: If you are travelling in one of their taxis, make sure you see its rear. In Senegal, taxis are decorated with an artificial tail that is made of goat or sheep hair. It is meant to bring goodluck.

4. Majority of the population is Islamic. Muslims make up 94 percent of the country, while the Christian population is 5 percent.

5: Its capital city, Dakar, is a must visit spot. It is filled with exotic beaches, colourful markets and music.

Compiled by Clinton Moodley.
Sources: The Fact File, 10 Facts About