While a flight attendant gets to travel to new and exciting places, their job is also quite demanding.

A flight attendant’s job is not always glamorous. While they get to travel to new and exciting places, their job is also quite demanding. Here are some things flight attendants have to deal with:

They have to ensure that everyone is happy

While it’s the pilot’s job to get you to your destination safely, it is up to the flight attendants to make certain that you are happy throughout the journey. Flight attendants have to smile and be cheerful all the time to ensure that their passengers are having a comfortable journey.

Rude passengers

Every flight has their fair share of rude passengers and dealing with them can be tough work.  These attendants go through hundreds of rude passengers a day, who are more than happy to take out their frustration on the attendant when things in their personal lives go wrong. Sadly, it is the unfortunate task of the attendants to ensure that all their demands are met.

Deal with sick passengers

Flight attendants also takes on the role of a nurse if any passenger is unwell, whether it is to implement first aid or assist in other medical emergencies.  

They have to answer lots of questions, some which are sometimes irrelevant

It's easy to get frustrated with passengers who want to make small talk and ask irrelevant questions. As much as they probably want to throw something at the person with a million questions, flight attendants have to grin and bare it. Some of the questions asked by attendants include "What are we flying over?", "Can you check to see if I can get an upgrade?" and “Can the pilot land the plane?...”

They have to deal with first time flyers

From sighs to hysterical fits, first time flyers can be a handful. It is the attendant’s job to calm them, reassure them and be a shoulder to cry on when things go bad. While it sounds pretty simple, it is hard work.