Ruacana Falls is located in Angola. Picture: Wikimedia.

Angola offers travellers a bit of everything, from tropical Atlantic beaches, rivers and Sub-Saharan desert. Here are 6 facts about the country you should know before you visit:

1. Angola has a land area of 1,246,701 square kilometers, which is twice as big as Texas and thrice the size of California.

2. Locals prefer to shake hands when you meet with them. If introduced to someone older than you, travellers are urged to show respect by bowing their heads.

3. Angola is the home to the giant sable antelope. The antelope can’t be found anywhere in the world and was considered extinct until it resurfaced a few years ago. They are found in the region between the Cuango and Luando Rivers in Angola.

4.Tipping in Angola should not be more than 10 percent of your bill.

5. Ruacana Falls, known as one of Africa's most stunning natural wonders, is located in Angola.

6. You need to ask locals or those in charge of power whether it is fine to take pictures of government buildings, military sites, or anything related to the country. Those who capture the pictures could be penalised as it is considered illegal.