If you're planning on sleeping or having a restful trip, then a good pillow is key
Whether you're travelling via plane, bus or train, they're a few carry on essentials that can make your trip that much more comfortable. This is particularly important for long trips. So, to help you plan properly and make sure that your trip is as faultless as possible, we put together a list of some important items you need to make sure you have in your carry on luggage:


A notepad is necessary to get some thoughts down on paper (be it poetry, plans, ideas or whatever may come up) particularly on those long, boring trips.


Let's be honest, music is the soundtrack to most of our lives. Whether we're just chilling at home, driving around town, or doing some work, music is a great way to relax and enjoy some peace of mind. Headphones help drown out unnecessary noise during a trip and allow you to dictate exactly what you hear.


There's nothing quite like a good book to keep you company while you're travelling. Also, a good read helps time tick on a little faster.


Hydration is important. Need I say more?


Comfort is essential when travelling. An uncomfortable trip can turn into a nightmare and make you super grumpy. If you're planning on sleeping or having a restful trip, then a good pillow is key.

Portable Charger

During long, boring travel trips you're likely to spend loads of time on your phone. A portable charger is essential to help keep your phone charged up so you can enjoy your music and texting uninterrupted.