Jessica Nabongo in Kenya at the Kiambethu Tea Farm. Picture: Instagram.
Jessica Nabongo, the founder of Jet Black, a travel company, has showcased Africa splendidly on Instagram. From biking in Zanzibar to sipping Kenyan tea in Nairobi, her page is enough to whet the appetite of ardent travellers.

Describing herself as a nomad, Nabongo fell in love with Africa during a trip to Uganda when she was 21. Although it was her hometown and she visited many times, her fascination for the country grew only when she turned into an adult.

“As a Ugandan - American, I first traveled to Uganda when I was 6 and again at 12. During my first two trips I couldn’t see much in Uganda beyond going home to visit family. However, when I visited Uganda at 21 to do the last rites ceremony for my grandfather, I fell in love with Uganda. I was able to travel around the country  to learn more about the place. Now it has become an absolute great destination,” she said.

She believes that  Africa is an attractive destination because of the diversity.

“So many people think of Africa as a monolith, but the 56 countries that make up this gorgeous continent offer many things that you cannot find anywhere in the world and it varies greatly between countries," she said.

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