Airline laptop ban starting to worry travellers. Picture: AOL.

The Trump administration is likely to expand a ban on laptops on commercial aircraft to include some European countries, but is reviewing how to ensure lithium batteries stored in luggage holds do not explode in midair, Reuters reported this week.

Any expansion of the ban could impact US carriers such as United Airlines, Delta Air Lines Inc and American Airlines Group. No word of when an announcement of the ban would be made. In March the U.S. announced laptop restrictions on flights originating from 10 airports including in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey because of fears that a concealed bomb could be installed in electronic devices taken onto aircraft. Britain quickly followed suit with restrictions on a slightly different set of routes. DHS spokesman Dave Lapan said Kelly "hasn't made a decision but we continue to evaluate the threat environment and have engaged in discussions with airline representatives and other stakeholders about the threat."

Lufthansa group made a statement yesterday relating to the rumors on the ban of electronic devices on flights to the US from Europe. 
"Lufthansa is not aware of any additional security measures for Lufthansa Group-US bound flights or enhancements of the device ban by the US authorities by now. Therefore, existing security procedures for Lufthansa Group-US flights remain unchanged for the time being. 
“Passengers and airlines are obliged to comply with the applicable security regulations. Since the first ban of electronic devices larger than an smartphone applied by the TSA (US Transportation Security Administration) on flights from destinations in Middle East, Africa and Turkey, Lufthansa has internally evaluated different scenarios for possible enhancements of the ban,” said Andre Schulz, general manager for Lufthansa Group Southern Africa. 
Source: Reuters