31-year-old Daniel Centeno takes some of the most daring pictures in the cockpit, or does he? Pictures: Instagram.

There is a Brazilian pilot that won thousands of fans after posting pictures of himself in and out of the cockpit while in mid-air. 

Before anyone talks about how 31-year-old Daniel Centeno is risking his life, and those of his passengers, the images are photoshopped. 

The pilot, who has been posting his mid-air shots behind some of the most scenic views in the world, including Dubai and New York, posted his first image in November 2015. It was not long after that he gained over 73k followers on the social media platform. 

Centeno has made it quite clear that his daring selfies are not real with ‘Photoshop Mode on’ posted on his statuses. 

“I have to let you know that photo is fake guys, just in case,” he posts on one of his photographs.

In one photo taken behind the New York backdrop, Centeno shows a thumbs up to his followers. The post garnered 30 000 likes. 

One of the users, clearly baffled at the comments where people believed the picture was real, said: “I can't understand how people can even think these pics can be real :D plane goes hundreds of km/h and your sunglasses keeps perfectly in your face :D :D Anyway like these pics 👍” (sic)

In another posting, on a Boeing 737-800, Centeno puts his arms out of the plane, taking the snap with his selfie. He received over 67 000 likes on that picture. 

Even though it's photoshopped, his intriguing posts adds a lighter side to his job and his fans are simply loving it. 

Below are some of the posts:

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