Views from one of the World's smallest hotels in Spain. Photo: Instagram/ajoolivia

From hotels located in small alleyways, to properties with just one double room, we bring you some of the world's smallest hotels.

1.Hotel Central and Cafe in Copenhagen, Denmark

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This hotel is made up of only one room that's located on top of a small cafe. Located in the Vesterbro neighbourhood, the double room has unique interior, that features handcrafted details that are sure to make boutique fundis feel right at home. The room has Geismar linen, a bathroom with a shower, stocked out mini bar, flat screen television, a stereo and free wifi. There are also two bicycles provided. The room is not suitable for families- the space is just too small. 

2. Grand Hotel De Kromme Raake, Eenrum, Netherlands

Another one roomed hotel, Grand Hotel de Kromme Raake is located in the town of Eenrum and this allows guests to experience the magic of the town. The hotel is set up as you'd expect a one room to be. It has a reception area where you can lock your bags, a living room that has a room heater and minbar, a double door that opens up to a king size bed. There is also a built-in television and the colours of the walls of the hotel are described as love red.  There's also a bathroom  located beind the bed, and a bath that is perfect for two. 

3. Hotel Punta Grande, El Hierro, Spain 

Hotel Punta Grande in El Hierro, Spain, sits on a rocky outcrop created from volcanic eruptions in the Canary Islands. It used to be a customs office, now it's one of the world's most novel places to stay. The inside of the hotel is decorated with wood and materials from shipwrecks, which is environmentally friendly, but perhaps a tad creepy. The four-bedroom hotel has a dining room and sitting area for guests. One room even has a balcony that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Though the hotel lacks cable TV and is far away from the only town on the island, the location is great for people that are looking to get away - and fish.

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