FILE--In this file photo of Monday Dec.17, 2012, a herd of adult and baby elephants walks in the dawn light as the highest mountain in Africa, Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro, is seen in the background, in Amboseli National Park, southern Kenya. Some African elephant herds are adapting to the danger of poaching by moving out of risky areas, according to one conservation group. The plight of elephants is a key issue at the meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, or CITES, which began over the weekend and ends Oct. 5. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis, File)
With all the things that our continent is infamous for, the one thing that cannot be taken away from us is the breath-taking, scenic and equally vibrant spaces that can be found all over the African  continent. 

Since the month of May is Africa month, this would be the perfect time to pack your bags and explore some of the beauty that is that the continent has to offer.  We offer you a few reasons why we think you should visit an African country. 

1. It’s cheap and great for the economy of most African countries

The African continent has a variety of great tourist destinations, that will simply put, take your breath away. But besides that, it makes financial sense to go to an African country. 

According to StatsSA, in South Africa in 2013, the tourism industry’s contribution to the country’s gross domestic product was 2.9%. In total, the sector made R103.6 billion in 2013. 

2. The destinations are close

If you were to travel to a country that's at the "top" of the continent, and possibly one of the furthest from South Africa, Egypt would be one of them. The estimated travel time to Egypt, on a direct flight is 8 hours. As opposed to say a travel time to somewhere in North America that is 16 hours. Shew. 

3. It’s a chance to learn a new language

Because we live in an increasingly  global universe and due to the growth of social media,  it makes plenty of sense to learn a new language. And if you are in say Shona speaking Zimbabwe or in Kiswahili speaking Kenya or Tanzania, it would help you learn the language much quicker than you would sitting at home.

P.s- try to learn the basics of the language spoken in the African country you intend to travel to. Walking in blank will make your stay there a tad harder. 

4. It’s a great way to rid yourself of xenophobic beliefs and ideas

So over the last couple of years our country has been plagued by xenophobic attacks. Most of them are as a result of not trying hard enough to understand each other as a people. If you find yourself a foreigner in another country, and you realise the kind  treatment that is extended to you, you are most likely going to come back with a positive outlook on the country. It’s also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture, traditions and the collective history we share as the continent. 

5. Africa is generally warmer 

The African continent generally has warmer temperatures even at almost all times of the year.   In Abuja for instance, lowest temperatures at this time of year are recorded at 20C, while it gets hot up to 33C. In Ghana’s capital of Accra, the lowest temperature ever to be recorded is believed to be 10C. At the moment, highs stand at 31C, lows of 25C. In the colder months, temperatures average at around 20C. 

So what are you waiting for? Visit your favourite African city today.