Here are 5 tips on how to get the most out of self-service travel platforms.Picture: Supplied.

With the current range of online booking engines offered by airlines, resorts and other leisure and business service providers, many people are opting for self-service travel, a simple and convenient way to create travel itineraries that meet your unique needs.




If you are looking for travel inspiration to plan your next big adventure, Cathay Pacific shares tips on how to get the most out of self-service travel platforms.


  1. Do your own travel research

Searching for flights online is an easy and convenient way to find affordable flights that suit your unique travel needs. You can choose to fly directly to your destination or include multiple stopovers if you have the time to spare, which often makes for cheaper fares and a richer travel experience. Cathay Pacific’s easy-to-use booking platform allows you to search for flights to over 180 destinations in seconds, and choose the flight that’s right for you. 


  1. Book flights and hotel stays at the same time

For those in search of an all-inclusive travel package, self-service travel platforms allow you to book flights and accommodation at the same time, helping you to co-ordinate flights with overnight stays and day time visits to a variety of destinations. 

  1. Plan your travel itinerary while you’re at it

Lessen the stress of spontaneous travel by looking up all the major tours, events and concerts which are scheduled to take place during your stay, and book your tickets ahead of time. This not only allows you to plan your trip and ensure you experience all the major attractions, but it also prevents the disappointment of sold-out events or the added expense of paying more for tickets at the venue. 

  1. Choose travel add-ons for a comfortable trip

The key to a pleasant and memorable travel experience is to get the basics right – make your flight as comfortable as possible by adding optional travel extra. This gives you control over what you pay for, allowing you to create the ideal flight experience according to your budget and unique needs. Be sure to reserve extra legroom seats early to avoid missing out, as these seats tend to go fast!


  1. Easily manage your own bookings from anywhere in the world

Instead of depending on a travel agent or third-party operator to keep you updated on important information relating to your bookings, self-service travellers can easily manage their own bookings online.