The debate of whether to fly economy or business class is inevitable. Our travel writers tell us their views.
Kevin Ritchie and Mantombi Makhubele look at what business travel offers

Kevin: I can manage economy, but with some airlines travel becomes like applied yoga.

I flew BA on a recent trip to London. Their app puts booking, checking in and upgrading your seat at your fingertips.

In Club (business) class, the A380 is configured in two, three, two seats abreast, each seat having its own entry, which means that with the exception of take-off and landing, when the privacy blinds between you have to be recessed, you are cocooned in your own space.

The food is in a class of its own. There’s a three-course dinner just after take-off, with paired wines and liqueurs, and a cold and hot breakfast accompanied by an assortment of warm bread and pastries just before landing.

Mantombi: Although a Joburg-Cape Town trip is not long, the comfort that comes with flying business class does make a difference.

I was happy to check into the Slow Lounge at OR Tambo, set up my laptop and get to work right away, without having to look for a comfortable place as I do when I fly economy.

The buffet breakfast also meant I didn’t have to go through a menu and wait for someone to take my order.

Real cutlery and crockery, as opposed to plastics, is a pleasure.

With enough leg room and as far as possible from my fellow travellers, I worked in peace until I landed.