You too can plan a successful Instameet by following our practical tips.

I will admit Instagram is my preferred social media tool because I have access to great travel content and pictures almost instantly. I also love interacting with other bloggers and writers to hear about their travel experiences. Instameets is a fantastic way to meet with fellow instagrammers while visiting some of the most scenic spots in a particular town. To help me, I have asked Robyn Leigh Elford from Red Lips Communications and Barba Gaoganediwe, Senior Manager Destination Communication for Gauteng Tourism Authority, to share their tips. This is how they host a successful Instameet.

* Choosing the perfect location is key because the whole point of Instameets is to design a unique experience where participants can connect and explore an interesting setting as well as let their creativity loose.

* Invite  influencers and bloggers with a strong Instagram presence can also be beneficial to showcase the Instameet topic or brand to their followers and on other social media platforms.

* It’s important to have a unified hashtag so participants can follow the conversation as and while it happens.

* Make sure that there is photographable content. This includes views, food and art

* Make sure you have a knowledgeable host. Knowing the city and its locations helps tremendously.