While travelling to Asia is cheap, it does not hurt to save some cash. Picture: Clinton Moodley.
While travelling to Asia is cheap, it does not hurt to save some cash. Picture: Clinton Moodley.

How to travel Asia on a budget

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Aug 30, 2017

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South Africans travelling to Asia may find it to be cheaper than Western destinations like Europe and America. 

But everyone wants to save a bit of money while on holiday, whether it's to get that dress in a mall or to purchase souvenirs at duty free on their way home. When I travelled to Asia, I tried to keep a budget to not overspend and that went right out of the door once I landed. Since then I have managed to be travel and spending savvy- cutting out on unnecessary expenses for better spending choices. Here is how I do it:

Compare prices:

Why spend more on a holiday when you can get the same benefits for the same price or far lesser. Before a trip, make up an itinerary and a list of places that you would want to go to. Once you have selected the places, look online for their prices and at similar spots near your location. You will be surprised at how much you can save.

Find cheaper accommodation
The same applies to accommodation, after a bit of research you may find that Hotel A will be more expensive than Hotel B yet they both have the same amenities. Fortunately, Asia 2 and 3 star hotels are not as bad as some in other countries. In fact, it is now being used by travel companies to promote trips to the continent.

Choose public transport
Public transport in Asia is cheap, so cheap that you can go literally anywhere without breaking the bank. I took a bus in Thailand to see the way locals lived, and it was one of the best moments of my trip. Meter taxis often rip off ourists so choosing public transport can help save you lots.

Split the costs ‘

Solo travel may be fun, but travelling in a group is far more beneficial. By splitting transport, accommodation and leisure costs, a group of friends can save hundreds. If public transport is not for you, a cab cost can be split in 3 or 4 to save everyone some extra cash. When it comes to accommodation, it will be better to stay in self catering facilities as it provides more value for money.

Shop like a local

Whenever I travel, no matter where in the world, I like shopping like a local. Preparing your own meals can be beneficial and cost far less than you would spend at a restaurant.
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