Floating in a body of still water surrounded by incredible scenery must one of the most serene ways to spend an afternoon. This Instagram post by Eric Rubens (IG: erubes1) depicts just that.

This particular pic was shot in Nicaragua, a travellers paradise in the Central American isthmus. Nicaragua is s urrounded by Honduras, the Caribbean, Costa Rica and the Pacific Ocean. 

Nicaragua is home to two of the largest fresh water lakes on the continent —Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua. Eric, a travel photographer, doesn't detail where exactly this picture was taken, but I assume it might be somewhere near the Corn Islands, which is a popular snorkeling destination due to its clear waters.

Travel guide book publisher, Lonely Planet eloquently describes the beauty of the country: "Affable Nicaragua embraces travelers with offerings of volcanic landscapes, colonial architecture, sensational beaches and pristine forests that range from breathtaking to downright incredible."

Clearly, there's a lot more to discover.