File photograph: There is a lion on the loose and he has killed three cows.

By now most of you may know that a lion is on the loose in KwaZulu-Natal, already making a dinner of three cows.

Not much has been revealed about the lion thus far. He does not have a name or age. Despite the attempts made by wildlife organisations to track down the lion, he is nowhere to be found. It is believed that the lion was kicked out of his pride, thus him wandering around the area in search of food.

Ezemvelo spokesman Musa Mntambo said there had been "no new sightings"

“The first lion sighting was reported two weeks ago but no evidence was available. This week we received a complaint from the community members of Nhlungwini, an area under Inkosi Mlaba that three cows had been killed by a lion.
“When officials inspected the scene, they confirmed the cows had been killed by a lion. We were further informed that another dead cow had been discovered in an area under inkosi Biyela known as Lumbe,” she said.

Residents of KwaZulu-Natal are urged to be on high alert. They are encouraging people who see the lion or its fresh prints to report it.

“Ezemvelo will do all in its power to catch the lion, but if the live capture is not possible we may have to destroy it. It's highly unlikely that the lion will attack human beings except when it feels cornered. However, people need to be alert of their environment,” he said.

The numbers to contact are 0780247070 and 0820579905.