Metrobus announces way to connect commuters with airlines faster.
 Metrobus announced on Tuesday that they have made additional improved operating times on the OR Tambo International Airport route during the off-peak hours to connect commuters with airlines. Acting Managing Director, Sabata Makoele said passengers travelling to and from OR Tambo International Airport will find the additional bus services to be highly efficient.
" This will provide a much-needed connection to the city centre of Johannesburg." 

Metrobus said that a bus route to OR Tambo International Airport would now offer seven daily trips to and from OR Tambo International Airport terminals and at Gandhi Square in Johannesburg CBD. Johannesburg Metro buses ferry approximately 55 000 commuters every weekday on over 220 routes within the City of Johannesburg. The buses would travel through Betrams; Albertina Sisulu Road; Eastgate Terminus; Bedford Plaza; Barbara Road /R24; Kempton Park to support shift times for commuters and airport staff that are travelling from the City of Johannesburg to OR Tambo International Airport. 

“Johannesburg Metrobus is currently undergoing a transformation process including a new business model in order to ensure that the City of Johannesburg provides effective and efficient public transport system to its citizens”, Makoele said. The OR Tambo International Airport Metrobus Service operates every two hours with stops at Kempton Park, Hillbrow and Gandhi Square. The buses are departing from the Gandhi Square Metrobus site with select trips to the OR Tambo Airport Post Office. Metrobus said that the trip to OR Tambo took approximately forty to fifty five minutes during morning peak traffic hours, and around forty-five to fifty-five minutes during afternoon rush-hour traffic, while during other times of the day the journey only took about thirty to forty five minutes. Tickets for the OR Tambo International Airport routes can be purchased at Gandhi Square and cost between R10.20 - R21.76 per person for a one-way trip. -African News Agency (ANA)