N’djamena promises to an exciting trip. Picture: Climate Data. Org.

Have you heard about N’djamena, the capital of Chad? If not, it's one place you must visit.

N’djamena is fast becoming a town to watch out for. With its vibrant mix of modern and historical diversity, it's the place to go when want to soak in the sights and sounds of a truly unconventional city.
A walk around the town provides a mix of glorious places and people, from locals trading on the streets to the mud like structures that some of them live in. Then there are modern buildings that showcase how much it has developed

Travelling to this Chad capital offers lots of fun and excitement. From its cultural attractions to historic ones, there is something for everyone. Among them include Musee National N'Djamena (National Museum) that depicts the history of chad through exhibitions and art. Grand Mosque N'Djamena and N'Djamena Cathedral are also popular choices.

The nightlife in  N’djamena will allows travellers to mingle with young people and see how they unwind. From chilled out lounges to raging discos, people can have fun within their comfort zone. Must try places include L'Olympia, Kirikou Bar and Le Picolo.

Food in this town is equally good. Travellers seemed to love Restaurant Alibaba,  Hotel Mercure N Djamena Le Chari and Le Carnivore.