The Park Hyatt Hotel in Sydney Australia. Photo: Telegraph
Some of the most beautiful hotels in Australia that stand out for their beauty and elaborate decor. We give you our favourites. Regardless of what part of the country the country these beauties come from, they are often remembered for the special touch that they added to their products to make the hotel experience a memorable one. 

1. Park Hyatt, Sydney Hotel 
This hotel has some of the most enchanting views. While visitors lie in their beds they have the luck of witnessing the Sydney Opera house that seems to almost wink at them with the promise of fun and adventure. The hotel has an air of opulence about it, that comes mainly for it immaculate finishes that are carved out of sandstone. From various parts of the hotel guests are guaranteed to be treated to spectacular views. 

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2. Elements of Byron 

Located in the New South Wales, it's one of the newer resorts in Australia. It has been described as a laid-back Australian beach hideaway with a touch of class that makes it all the better. In the distance, there are sandunes that are mirrored by the curved Pavillion roof. To complete the trendy feel of the place, the site has re-planted some 65 000 native trees and plants. You find on the premises trendy upmarket restaurants, a day spa, nature trails a 40-metre infinity pool and access to a private pool. 

3. Darwin Waterfront Luxury Suites

Balconies. Darwin Waterfront apartment building. Fantastic views. Photo by Mauro Risch

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These suites from the outside modern colours and perfectly symmetrical windows give the finish of class and distinction. The hotel is located in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. Inside, the suites are decorated with white furniture and splashes of colour. The spaces seem to be carefully curated to fit the basic necessities of furniture but have these be functional enough. 

4.  Saffire Freycinet 

Located in Tasmania, The Telegraph reports that there was much fan fare when the lodge was opened in 2010. It has 20 luxury suites that allow visitors  clear uninterrupted views of the Great Oyster Bay and the Hazards Mountain Range. There are a variety of activities on offer such as hiking and kayaking, plus a spa on the property. If fine dining is your thing, then there's opportunities for that as well. 

The lodge has only 20 suites, which are decorated to suite a high end clientele. Each of the suites also have spectacular views of the bay and mountains. They are perfect for those seeking a high level of privacy.  

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