Don't forget your travel insurance!

Don't let the excitement of planning your next holiday overshadow the essentials.

Don't let the excitement of planning your next holiday overshadow the essentials.

Published Aug 4, 2023


Travel insurance is often a grudge purchase for many travellers.

Read on for details regarding why you should never travel without it.

When to purchase travel insurance:

It’s essential to consider travel insurance from the start, whether you're finalising your travel online or in-store with a travel agent. While it might be tempting to skip this step, having adequate travel insurance coverage can protect you from unexpected financial losses and provide assistance in various challenging situations.

Why purchasing travel insurance is vital at the point of sale:

There’s a misconception that travel insurance only covers incidents during your journey. In fact, there are numerous scenarios where it could provide crucial protection prior to your travel dates. Consider the following situations:

Journey cancellation:

Sometimes, unforeseen emergencies or events may require you to cancel your trip prior to departure. Travel insurance policies specify which scenarios are covered under the cancellation cover of the specific policy you opt to purchase. Some examples of when you would be covered include a sudden and unexpected illness or accident, theft of your travel documents preventing a departure, a terrorist incident at your destination prior to departure or experiencing a traumatic event prior to departure.

Cover for unspecified events:

Cover for unspecified events is available on selected insurance products as an optional extra, but to qualify for this benefit you must purchase your policy within 48 hours of paying for your trip.

Visa denials or delays in processing your visa:

If you encounter a visa denial (every South African’s nightmare!) and you have fully complied with the Embassy’s requirements, insurance can provide cover for the non-refundable portion of your trip should you have to cancel your journey. If there is a delay in the processing of your visa application, you may be able to claim for the additional costs to postpone your departure until your visa has been processed.

Illness, hospitalisation, or death:

Sadly, unexpected illnesses, hospitalisations, or family emergencies can arise leading up to your travel dates. Travel insurance can help cover cancellation fees and other expenses resulting from these unfortunate events.

A particularly important point to remember for South African passport holders is that travel insurance may also be required to support a visa application or satisfy immigration officials when travelling to certain countries. It's essential to factor in the cost of travel insurance when preparing your travel budget, as this ensures you’re adequately protected throughout the journey.

Travel insurance could provide crucial protection prior to your travel dates.

Complimentary travel insurance:

Most banks provide some complimentary travel cover if you have purchased your ticket using your credit card. This is usually limited to some medical cover, accidental death and disability cover. Karen Botha, Sales Manager at Travel Insurance Consultants says, “Make sure that you check exactly what is covered before travelling and increase your cover by either topping up the complimentary cover or considering a comprehensive travel insurance policy.”

Domestic travel insurance:

Travel insurance isn’t exclusive to international travel. TIC Travel Insurance offers local travel insurance that provides cover within South Africa. Whether you're embarking on a weekend getaway or exploring the wonders of our diverse nation on a longer workcation, domestic travel insurance can safeguard you from unexpected events during your travels.

Plan your next holiday with peace of mind:

Don't let the excitement of planning your next holiday overshadow the essentials. Whether you're booking your flight on the Flight Centre website or consulting with one of Flight Centre’s Travel Experts, remember to add travel insurance to your travel quotation or booking. It's a small investment that can make a significant difference in enjoying stress-free travel from start to finish.

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