Going on a spa is one of man’s greatest pleasures, but what is better than a good old spa treatment is one somewhere completely unusual. Why not try a floating spa, a snake massage or take a beer bath? We list our top 5 unusual spots.

Bota Bota spa-sur-l’eau, Canada

Imagine having a massage while floating on water. At Bota Bota in Canada, that very dream can come true. The story behind the spa is quite interesting. It was once a historic river ferry that converted to a "floating spa" offering diverse treatments, yoga and a restaurant. Judging by its pictures, visiting is a treat. The spa is anchored in the Old Port of Montreal, Bota Bota and spa-sur-l’eau offers its passengers the healing benefits of a spa with a twist- the feelings of natural movements of the St Lawrence River. Bota Bota consists of five decks which house the various spa installations: two saunas with incredible views onto the river and the Old Port, a eucalyptus steam bath, outdoor whirlpool baths, cold showers and baths, relaxation areas, a restaurant, terraces and a garden. Over and above its breathtaking Montreal location, this unique spa offers prolonged well-being through massage therapy, body treatments, facial treatments, manicures and pedicures, as well as yoga and Pilates classes.

Galos Caves, Chicago

Now this is a spa I want to visit. The salt caves, a first for the US, was built in 2005. An hour seated in the salt caves is suppose to help cure respiratory system diseases, digestive problems, asthma and other lung diseases as well hypertension. There is no “treatment” as such. Visitors sit on chairs, admiring sea inspired decorations.

Mais Oui Spa Train, California

A spa on a vintage luxury Pullman railcar, that’s what guests get when they visit Mais Oui Spa Train in California. The boutique spa is stationed at Napa Valley's Calistoga Train Depot, the second-oldest depot in California. Guests get ‘rail tickets to enter and can treat themselves to a range of spa treatments, including herbal facials, tunnel wraps and body scrubs.

Ada Barak's Carnivorous Plant Farm, Israel

Reading this gives me ‘slithers’ down my spine. Here snakes of shapes and sizes slither around on one’s back. Legs, hands and face. Owner Ada Barak is convinced that her snakes can be a soothing influence and watches as her snakes do their job.

Beer Spa, Czech Republic

Beer lovers have something to smile about. At this spa, one can bath and latter themselves in all things beer. Beer spas became popular in the Middle Ages. It uses ancient therapy of yeast and other natural ingredients that have so many health benefits.