If you find yourself travelling with a group, try to make sure that you are not the least favourite of the group. Picture: Pexels.

Group travel can be a blessing or a curse. There is nothing more frustrating than having to deal with people who are constantly whining and making a ruckus.

On the plus side, there are many benefits to travelling with a group- especially if you enjoy the company.

If you are planning a group travel trip, here are some tips to consider:

Give your travel companions some personal space: The last thing a group of people want is someone who constantly talks, overshares and is an overall annoyance. Often, some members of the group get way too excited at the prospect of spending a weekend away with their friends, or strangers, that they tend to get overly comfortable with the travellers. This may be something that people may not like.

Practice personal hygiene: Yeah, you probably rolling your eyes right about now, but let us never forget that there are some people who take their personal hygiene for granted. Make sure you shower, brush your teeth, apply deodorant and whatever else it will take to make you look presentable.

Do not be late: There is always that one person in a group who is always late. If there are activities that are scheduled, try to make sure that you are on time. You do not want to be the person responsible for losing the group’s booking.

Always remain positive: Delayed flight? Flat tyre? Theft? These are all things that can dampen the mood of a trip, therefore always be positive and try to find solutions to a problem. As much as it can be hard to be positive when unfortunate happens, the last thing the group wants is a negative person.

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