5 culturally rich destinations on the 5 Drive Heritage Tour

The Crandle of Human Kind. Picture: Nhlanhla Phillips/African News Agency/ANA

The Crandle of Human Kind. Picture: Nhlanhla Phillips/African News Agency/ANA

Published Sep 19, 2022


The 5 Drive Heritage Tour 2022, proudly supported by Suzuki, has kicked off with the 5FM Drive team embarking on an epic Heritage Month journey.

The tour is set to run from 5th to 30th September and aims to showcase the best that South Africa has to offer.

The team set out to visit destinations across nine provinces and discover amazing places, hidden gems, people, food, art and activities in search of stories that celebrate the richness of culture that makes South Africa truly remarkable.

We caught up with Mike Bower (MB), the Show’s producer, and JD Mostert, Business Manager for 5FM, to find out which hidden gems, and epic experiences he and the team have faced so far.

Magaliesburg and the Cradle of Human Kind, Gauteng

MB: There is a small tourism community just outside the cradle of humankind. On the first night of the tour, not sure what to expect, we stayed in a boutique hotel that served some wonderfully eclectic food. I found myself being lulled into a sense of overall calm being surrounded by trees and the exquisite South African spring flora of that area.


MB: Next up was Potchefstroom, a town I had been wanting to visit for a while. I had heard that the student community in Potch has developed and gentrified the town into a modern South African town but keeping some of the quaint ideals that keep it local.


MB: The same could be said for Bloemfontein. We were privileged enough to spend some time with students in both cities. I find that the world’s views are often represented best by the mentality of students and young people. I found that the students based in these areas, although vastly different in demographic and language, share an unbridled love for South Africa and are looking forward to forging their own identities in this country.

Kimberley, Northern Cape

The Big Hole at Kimberlery. Picture: Supplied

MB: Kimberly became our home for one night, and I fell in love. The culture of preserving our heritage is rife in Kimberly. We stayed in a hotel directly overlooking the Kimberly Hole. The absolute highlight, though, was visiting the Africana Library and hearing the story of how twenty years ago, the oldest book in their possession was vandalised by two people claiming to be researchers.

Carnavon and the SKA Project, Northern Cape

MB: The final leg of week one found us in the Karoo. I was struck by the harsh beauty of the area. Towns like Carnarvon and Britstown still find themselves in bitter grips of Covid’s economic hangover. The townspeople are desperately looking for options and opportunities. Despite this, though, I was struck by how happy and willing to open their hearts to an outsider they were.

According to JD Mostert, Business Manager for 5FM, The 5 Drive Heritage Tour is one of the biggest highlights on the calendar for them and the 5 Nation.

“There’s no better way to get to know our breathtaking country than hitting the road - exposing listeners to the country’s amazing scenery, its wonderful people, culture, traditions and art. People across South Africa absolutely love this tour, and we look forward to bringing them another instalment that’ll blow them away,” said Mostert.

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