LOOK: Elsa Majimbo is living it up while on her SA vacay

Elsa Majimbo. Picture: Instagram/@majimb.o.

Elsa Majimbo. Picture: Instagram/@majimb.o.

Published Mar 10, 2021


Several weeks ago, award-winning comedian Elsa Majimbo landed in South Africa and has been having the best time since.

Upon arrival, she was welcomed by the world-famous DJ Black Coffee and former Kaizer Chiefs coach, Steve Kompela.

Majimbo, who is friends with Rihanna and Naomi Campbell, has been documenting her journey ever since she arrived.

Judging from her socials, she seems to be having fun.

She has also been hanging out with award-winning illustrator, Karabo Poppy, and partying with prominent designers like Rich Mnisi.

She has also been attending cool events like the drag brunch and participated in fun activities with amajimbos (a new name for her fans given by South Africans).

— Elsa Majimbo 🇿🇦 (@ElsaAngel19) March 8, 2021

The 19-year-old also did a photoshoot with Cedric Nzaka, one of South Africa’s top photographers.

To top it all, she was declared one of the “Rule Breakers” by Beyoncé.

To celebrate International Women’s Month, Queen B featured 12 women on her website, and Majimbo was one of them.

“For those who created their own way to tell their stories, found other avenues to get to the destinations, and broke every rule in the process, We See You!

“We salute each and every one of you on this International Women's Day,” read a statement from Beyoncé’s website.

To celebrate the honour, Majimbo said she’ll remind us until she’s 40 that Beyoncé loves her.

“Good morning. A reminder that yesterday Beyoncé mentioned me in the list of women that inspire her.

“Will tweet about this every day until I’m 40,” she said.

Majimbo also won the Forbes Women Africa Entertainment Award.

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